Wynn Yarrow


Wynn Yarrow

"My work is landscape as metaphor for the inner life.   It exists in the shadowland between technique and vision; emotion and intellect; the physical realm and the spiritual one.  My inspirations are as often introspective as they are visual."

I am drawn to transition in nature: shifts in season, light and the sky.  Twilight and dawn, changes in seasons, and shifting colors all speak to the human spirit.  Night presents an alternate reality, one that relies on powers of memory, insight and imagination.  Night holds mystery and beckons to mystery.  Clouds are ephemeral, yet yield tremendous power.  To meet the sky, one is forced to look up: a deeply hopeful act.  Looking at my work, you are invited to imagine and remember all senses.  You see not only a vision of place, but sense being there, fully experiencing wonder.

​All art shown on this page is copyright Wynn Yarrow.

I will be the artist in residence at Weir Farm National Historic Site/Weir Farm Art Center in Wilton Connecticut for the month of September.  Selection was nationally competitive.  This is the only site in the national park system devoted to visual art.  The home, studio and landscape of J. Alden Weir are preserved.  His friends and fellow artists Childe Hassam and John Singer Sargent joined him at this location to paint landscape scenes.  I look forward to sketching and painting there, and am grateful for the opportunity.