Wynn Yarrow
         Community Projects
We are uniting in community and creativity at libraries local to the Southern Finger Lakes of New York.  Come join the safe, cooperative environment where we will learn new skills, explore new ideas and delight in each other's company.   Workshops are held at the Steele Memorial Library, 101 East Church Street, Elmira NY, Horseheads Free Library, 405 South Main Street, Horseheads, NY 14845, and  Southeast Steuben County Library, 303 Centerway #101, Corning, NY.  All workshops are free.  Materials are included and tools are provided.  Registration is required and class size is limited.  Please notify the library if you signed up and are unable to attend, as there may be a waiting list. Please contact the appropriate library to register or for complete information. 
Steele: (607) 733-9173
Horseheads Free Library: (607) 739-4581
Southeast Steuben: (607) 936-3713

   2019 ART AND NATURE series : At Steele Memorial Library 6:30-8:00PM
   A celebration of birds, leaves and water in various media.
   2nd Thursdays
FEBRUARY 14, Fine Feathers: Paper cutting
Layers of brightly colored paper are cut and layered to create folk art images of birds, or simply feathers.
MARCH 14, Far Away: Ink wash
Water droplets in the air make far objects appear lighter. Learn to use atmospheric perspective to create greater depth in your landscape using several shades of gray ink wash.
APRIL 11, Farther Away: Watercolor
Water droplets in the air make far objects appear bluer. Learn to use atmospheric perspective to create greater depth in your landscape using watercolor.
MAY 9, The Nesting Instinct: Book Arts
Use the swivel technique to create a trick book that transforms from empty nest to hatchlings, or another other natural transformations of your choice.
JUNE 13, Keeping it Positive: Drawing
Explore positive and negative shapes. Try to keep the positive leaf shape while drawing a texture in the negative background space surrounding it.
JULY 11, Imaginary Clouds: Painting
Draw soft shapes with water soluble crayon on sky colored paper, and then paint with white tempera, creating softly colored imaginary clouds.
AUG 8, From the Sea: Book Arts
Mermaids, silkies, starfish and whales are among the inspiration for a cut and folded book of the sea.
SEPTEMBER 12, Making an Impression: Clay
Press leaves into an air dried clay slab. Form a cylinder vase with impressions of the forest. 
OCTOBER 10, Bird Brain: Clay and mixed media
Sculpt a bird or other natural creature from air-dried clay. Use wire and collage to create a thought bubble over the bird’s head.
NOVEMBER 14, Ornamental Birds: Mixed media, including laser technology
Create bird ornaments assisted by laser technology. 3-d birds can stand alone or hang. Use your imagination for decoration.
DECEMBER 12, Turning a Leaf: Book Arts
Use paper cut silhouettes of leaf shapes and creative writing to explore human connection to leaves and trees through metaphor and pun.

     2019 SAFE TRAVELS series: At Horseheads Free Library 5:30-7:00 PM
     In an atmosphere of harmony, we travel through the metaphors of a journey           through the land.
    Mostly 2nd Wednesdays
FEBRUARY 13, Tree of Me: drawing If you were a tree…..what would you be like?
MARCH 13, Trick of the Light: color theory (skills building) Explore how light and distance change the appearance of natural objects. This is a chance to play with and learn about color.
APRIL 10, The Landscape in Color: painting and drawing (skills building) Use the skills from the previous classes to create a full bodied landscape, one rich with color and light. Watercolor and colored pencils will be available.
MAY 8, A Safe Place: book arts Learn some of the tricks of repeat pattern design and create an origami box to house a treasure, such as next month’s myriorama.
JUNE 12, The Infinite Landscape (myriorama): drawing Create a landscape puzzle with many possible solutions, each of them right. 
JULY 10, In the Flow: book arts Create a 3-d pop-up book with the joy and drama of a waterfall.
AUGUST 14, Point of View: book arts Create a tunnel book of your favorite scenery. This deceptively simple book opens like a layered shadow box.
SEPTEMBER 11, Wish You Were Here: drawing, book arts Fold a book with pockets and fill it with postcards or other remembrances of a journey to share with those you love.
OCTOBER 9, What We Hold Dear: air dried clay (Note: I do not have a kiln. This air dried clay is not fired, and not as hard as earthenware, but still fun to work with.) Use air-dried clay to make a precious souvenir of your journey. We’ll focus on the organic forms found in nature.
NOVEMBER 13, Revisiting: printmaking Every time we return to a beloved place, it is different. We’ll play with this idea by using the monotype process. Each print we make will be like the previous one, but unique.
DECEMBER 4, Finding Home: book arts/drawing Traveling is wonderful. Coming home is even better. This puzzle book is also a map of your imagined or remembered journey.

Also of Interest:

Tioga County Contradance
Countryside Community Center, 9 Sheldon Guile Blvd, Owego, NY
Third Sundays of each month except February from 4-7pm.
Admission is charged.  We dance to wonderful and varied live music and all dances are taught.
Beginners, singles and families are very welcome!
Come join us!
Sunday, March 17, 2019 4-7 PM
Live Music, Folk Dancing, Food, and High Spirits 
(without the spirits)
At Countryside Community Center, 9 Sheldon Guile Blvd, Owego, NY 

Urban Sketchers, Corning
This informal group meets weekly sometime each weekend.  Locations vary.  Check Facebook for meeting times and places, or for an Urban Sketchers group near you.

Juneteenth, Elmira NY
Artists are always welcome at Elmira's Juneteenth Celebration, a celebration of unity, tolerance and diversity.  Please contact me if you would like to volunteer with us for a "portrait sketch-in."  The celebration takes place annually on the something-teen Saturday in June outside the Ernie Davis Center.